Most people fail to realize how hard stress is on our bodies. Researchers have estimated that 80% of all disease is stress related, or compounds the disease. No wonder that most medical practitioners and disease researchers recommend hot tubs and hydrotherapy to counteract stress. There is nothing like the feel of warm water, the soothing hydrotherapy massage, and the induced relaxation, to help relieve daily anxiety, and relax tired and tense muscles.

Research has shown that managing stress is the key to good mental and physical health – and just how pervasive and lasting the damage of stress can be. Soaking in a Sun Ray Hot Tub three to four times a week, for 20 minutes or more at a time is a wonderful way to relieve stress and restore your sense of well-being (chi). Heart disease researchers have concluded that mental stress can actually cut the blood flow to the heart in some people, which in turn raises their risk of death from heart disease.

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