Filtration is a technique used for the purification of your hot tub by removing impurities from the water. Sun Ray uses advanced filtration technology to lower operating costs and improve equipment performance. As your filter begins to accumulate dirt and debris it becomes more difficult for the pump to circulate water through the filter. As a result the pressure on your filter system increases and less water is circulated through your system. Not only does this increase the workload on your pump, it also reduces the quantity of water that is being filtered. This leaves more dirt and debris in your hot tub.

Sun Ray hot tubs uses only the highest quality filters with the most innovative technology. Our filters are made using Reemay spunbound polyester, the name most recognized in the filter media. They have an 80% higher flow rate than most other filter cartridges due to its cross grid technology.

Sun Ray also offers our filters with the option of microban technology which inhibits bacteria growth and prolongs the life of your filter. We are the exclusive carrier of these high quality filters for all of Western Canada.


Nothing is more important for hot tub water quality than cleaning your filtering system. A dirty and clogged or worn-out filter will fail its job of trapping contaminants, and put strain on your spa's pump. Clean your filters with every water change and replace them annually.

Rotate Your Spa Filters

Change out your filter while cleaning your dirty filter, swap it with a clean dry spare. Save the old filter for the next time you need to rotate your filter. With this system you'll never have to wait to use your spa, and your filters will last longer. Allowing filters to dry completely after cleaning will help destroy any resident microorganisms.

Manual Cleaning

Spa filter cartridges should be rinsed every two weeks (more often when the bather load is heavy). Use a garden hose, and apply the water stream at a 45-degree angle, making sure to dislodge all foreign matter by spraying between each pleat.

At least every 3 to 4 months, and with EVERY water change, your cartridge should first be per-rinsed with the garden hose, then soaked overnight (or according to package instructions) in a non-foaming filter cleaning compound. Then rinsed again and allowed to dry out.

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