Sun Ray Hot Tubs & Patio Edmonton builds and engineers hot tubs for a northern climate - providing one of the most efficient designs in the market.

Our tubs have 4 main features that set us aside from the many competitors:


Our covers are made from top quality UV inhibiting marine grade vinyl and are double stitched with UV inhibiting rot resistant thread. Each cover has an aluminum metal reinforced spine. We use a 5"x 4" high density R-17 foam which is completely sealed with poly to ensure no moisture is able to penetrate and compromise the foam. Our covers come with a 2 year replacement warranty.


Sun Ray builds one of the strongest tubs in the market. Our shells are constructed using high grade Cast Acrylic treated with Premium Vinyl Esther Resin (Hydrexing) that is heat sealed to the shell for added structural strength and assured bonding of fiberglass to acrylic. The acrylic shell is reinforced with hand rolled fiberglass and is designed and engineered to utilize the waste heat generated by the pump(s) to reduce the energy required to heat the water. It has a 30 year warranty against water loss due to structural failure.


Sun Ray uses furniture grade cedar on all its cabinet and is completely sealed to keep heat in, and rodents and insects out. Our top rail is a beveled 2"x 4" frame framed structure supporting cabinet, and is designed for service accessibility with 4 removable wall panels. Our floor is pressure treated and fully insulated with 2 lb. foam. All of our corners are fully foamed and our panels have a type III high density foam which provides an approximate insulation value of R 12-16. All 4 panels are removable providing excellent serviceability. The cabinet is engineered to utilize the waste heat generated by the pump(s) to reduce the energy required to heat the water.

Plumbing and Equipment

At Sun Ray we use industry tested parts in every tub built. Our Pumps are assembled using the most proven Motors in the industry. Each motor runs between 40 & 50* Celsius generating up to 1 KW of heat which is recycled to reduce energy costs. Our tubs are available with a single pump, dual pump, triple pump, and Quadruple Pump systems.

All of our tubs comes with Balboa Digital Topside Controls. These topside electronics take care of everything including filtration times, heat output, lighting and maximizing the energy efficiency.

Our heater is a 5.5 KW coated element capable of generating 104 degree water. Combine this with Waterways 5 Spoke non corroding bearing inserts jets and you have a completely therapeutic spa .

Ozone is available on all models which helps eliminate bacteria and keep your water clean and clear. Each spa is manufactured ozone ready for easy installation even in the field.

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Did You Know?

Hydrotherapy is one of the more popular treatments for: Arthritis, Athletic Joint and Muscle pain relief.

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Did You Know?

Warm water works to make collagen tissue more stretchable so movement can resume with less pain and helps restore your range of motion.

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