Getting Started

The following steps will get your Sun Ray Spa up and running. Once you understand the effect each of these products have on your water, balancing your spa will become much easier.
  • First, heat your hot tub to a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) before adding any chemicals. Warm water will dissolve granular chemicals more efficiently.
  • Adjust your water's pH to between 7.2 and 7.9 using a pH test kit. Allow the water to filter for at least 30 minutes before retesting. Add a capful of pH increaser or decreaser if needed and allow an additional 30 minutes before retesting your hot tub.
  • Tip: - For crystal clear water add one capful of prevent II stain and scale remover, 1 capful of clarifier, and 2 ounces of an enzyme based spa clarifying product.
  • Test and adjust the alkalinity of the water using Alk Up until it falls between 80-100.
  • Sanitizing the water using either chlorine or bromine. Never use both bromine and chlorine. Choose only 1 sanitizer and never mix chlorine and bromine. To change from one type of sanitizer to the other, you will need to drain and refill your hot tub with fresh water.
  • Fill floating tablet dispenser with 3-4 pucks (chlorine or bromine) and make sure the dial is open about ¼". Put the floating dispenser in the spa water. Add 2 oz. of non chlorine spa shock. Floater should always contain sanitizer pucks and remain in the water. Granular chlorine system: Add 1 capful of granular chlorine. Repeat every couple days or more frequently if testing requires.
  • Add 2 oz. of non chlorine spa shock every few days or after many bathers have used the hot tub.
  • Check the floater every week and shock more frequently if testing detects low sanitization levels.
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