Benefits of owning a Sun Ray Hot Tub

Owning a Sun Ray Hot Tub is an investment in your health. It can change your life dramatically by reducing stress and increasing endorphin production, which strengthens the immune system. Don't put it off any longer; start-taking advantage of the healing benefits of hydrotherapy today. Hot Tub & Spa ownership and Hydrotherapy have been positively linked to the following health care issues:

Stress Related Conditions

A wide variety of health dispositions derive from stress. Sun Ray Hot Tub products function as stress management tools. Specifically, the combination of the massage jets and warm water, paired with a feeling of weightlessness, work to reduce tension in you body and decrease anxiety. In addition, our spas helps to relieve:


A big part of remedying anxiety is to separate yourself from the triggers that make you anxious. A hot tub is an ideal escapism in that it isolates, relaxes, and is tonally therapeutic. The calm atmosphere also allows you to clear your mind.

Health Benefits of a Sun Ray Hot Tub

Chronic headaches

Studies have shown that hot tubs work to reduce chronic headaches where symptoms such as tension headaches persist. The moment you begin to experience a tension headache, getting into one of our hot tubs minimizes muscle contraction and cause your headache to subside. Hot tubs work to fight sinus congestion in a similar way as well.

High blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, soaking in a Sun Ray Hot Tub can significantly reduce your bearings. Sounds like a stretch? When you immerse your body into hot water, your heart speeds up to facilitate and disperse the excess heat.  As a result, your blood flow increases as well and produces more oxygen that contributes to cell revitalization. Although you will experience a brief initial spike in your blood pressure, once your body adapts to the warmth, your cells will dilate, decreasing the resistant in the heart and ultimately lower your blood pressure.

Relaxes tense muscles

There’s a reason why professional athletes find solace in a hot tub after a tense game of football, basketball, or hockey; it soothes sore and tense muscles. If it can relieve muscles that  perform at high intensity, imagine what it can do for less.

Sleep Benefits

Rest is essential for productivity and personal health. Our hot tubs are equivalent to “counting sheep”—they work to induce sleep. When you are cold your body shivers, becomes tense, and your mobility decreases. Your body overworks when it experiences cold temperatures to keep body heat up. Relaxing in hot water before bedtime can promote a natural and deeper sleep using the body's own chemistry. It helps to trigger REM sleep, which has a positive impact on your mental health, metabolism, and mood.

relaxing in hot tub in Edmonton, Alberta

Diabetes Benefits

Studies have shown that persons who suffer from diabetes experience a decrease in their blood sugar levels thereby boosting their overall wellbeing and working in favour of combating diabetes. Sitting in a hot tub at least once a day can be transformative.

Arthritis and Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy is one of the more popular treatments for arthritis, athletic joint and muscle pain relief, restoring and preserving strength. It also protects joints from further strain. The warm water works to make collagen tissue more stretchable, so movement can resume with less pain and helps restore your range of motion.

Further, the buoyancy that develops in the water courtesy of our world-class massage jets causes your muscles to relax and joint inflammation is also reduced as a result.

Cardiovascular Health

Hydrotherapy is often praised for the impact it has on cardiovascular health. When you immerse yourself in the warm water, up to your neck, doctors report that it gives patients a cardiac workout. Explained, because water puts a significant amount of pressure on your body it increases your cardiac volume. Your heart works harder, but in a much more relaxing way.

Relaxing in a Sun Ray Spa in Edmonton

Healthier Skin

Hot tub Spa treatments promote healthier and younger-looking skin.  The warm water facilitates and increases the blood circulation.  Once that is activated, your body becomes more efficient in delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Making hydrotherapy a regular part of your routine will result in healthy, glowing skin over time.


Hydrotherapy promotes relaxation and simple enjoyment.
Our hot tubs are designed to accommodate luxury and pleasure. It is okay to take a moment from your busy life to just sit, unwind, and be in the moment.

If you believe you can benefit from our hydrotherapy, make an appointment or come down to our showroom on the South side of Edmonton and get a head start on restoring and maintaining your health, your comfort, and your life. 

Customers in Edmonton, and across Alberta, are experiencing all of the Health Benefits of a Sun Ray Hot Tub.

health benefits of hot tubs relaxing in hot tub in Edmonton, Alberta

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